Brief History

LPPM “KIM” as the Institute and Management Development affiliated with Drs. J. Tanzil & Associates has been established since 1974. In the field of education for more than 45 years, LPPM “KIM” remains consistent in the commitment to always be practically oriented in the field of management and accounting.

Nowdays, LPPM “KIM” innovatively and dynamically develops professional facilitators / instructors who are experienced in the everyday business world and supported by a library of over 30,000 book titles in management and accounting.


“” To become the most trustful and reliable Learning Partners in Management Training and Development Center in the Region”

Mission :

At LPPM Kim, we seek to provide the best training and good foundation for People Development and Training

Values & Kode Etik:

  1. Integrity
  2. Accountable for what we serve
  3. Quality service is our priority
  4. Discipline
  5. Working Smart
  6. Working as a winning team
  7. Be fair to our peers
  8. Creative and Innovative
  9. Continuous learning.
  10. Togetherness as a family working in harmony.